Use Cases

Have a look at some of our examples to increase MRR and retain your best customers.


Stop wasting time and resources on clients that are not worth it.

Yes, it’s better to have 10 great clients that buy from you often, than 100 clients that make you waste your time and resources.

To distinguish one from another, just send them a WhatsApp.


Who doesn’t like them? Seriously, name one person…

I’m still waiting.

Anyways, this is a great way to increase CLTV. The key is leveraging the information you have on your customer to send them a promotion that they are actually interested in.

87.8% of the email marketing promotions we receive fail because they are not targeted (I just made that number up but you get the point).

Businesses overuse them and, on top of that, they don’t even bother to personalize them.

Don’t be a fool. Start using targeted promotions right and sell like you have never done before.


This is a fancy word for sending customers only content that they want to receive.

Stop spamming.

Quit sending promotion newsletters to all your customer-base; like the other 3,000,000 companies your customer buys from do everyday.

Add value to their feed and it will pay off.

They just bought a book, send them a video review on the book. They bought a shirt, send them a video on how your manufacturing process works.

Be different.


You are still sending emails to your want-to-be customers? Are we in 2012?

The world moves pretty quick, and customers lose their interest just as fast.

The average person checks their email 2-20 time a day. Multiply that number by 10 and you will get the number of times people check their WhatsApp.

Optimize your funnel and start sending them messages now!

P.S. It’s very important that you update your privacy policy first and that you make sure that they always check the box. You also have to educate customers on your website on the benefits of building a closer relationship with them.


This is what I call the “tinderization” of e-commerce. Simplify and personalize. 
It’s coming. It’s already happening.

Leverage the data you have on your customer (with their consent).

You are a customer yourself. Think about when you go shopping. Do you enjoy a fast and frictionless experience?

Yes, right? Then what the **** are you waiting for to implement it in your business? 


The mother of strategies in e-commerce.
1 good and happy existing customer is worth more than a 100 potential new ones. 

It’s easier to sell and add value to them.

Create a more expensive product or service that you can sell to them, if you don’t already have one
or do you want other sources of revenues?

Start partnerships with other cool businesses that may have synergies with your product or service and sign an affiliate commission fee.

P.S. Be transparent about it. Customers will love it.

Love me, love me.
Say that you love me.
Leave me, leave leave.
Just say that you need me.